Inspiration – Recognizing the Lord’s hand

Dan Cooper,
President, High Prairie Branch,
Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

We live in a topsy-turvy world. Our lives fly by in a whirlwind of change and commotion. Information flows past at a rate inconceivable a few short years ago.

Technological advances parade ahead. We are constantly connected with the touch of a finger to devices that provide immediate answers. Fast solutions are the desired answer to any problem. The result: increased stress as we strive to keep up with everything going on around us.

In the midst of such turmoil it can be difficult to remember we are all children of a Heavenly Father who loves us. We so often feel alone and confused and forget where we can turn for comfort.

As we turn on the world we tune out the Lord. The world tells us we are not good enough. The Lord tells us, “Come unto me.”

The world tells us we should try to fit in, be like everyone else. The Lord knows and loves us for our unique talents and abilities.

The world tells us we must be in constant motion. The Lord tells us, “Be still, and know that I am God.”

How do we remind ourselves that the Lord loves us? There are two simple things we can each do every day to help us remember.

First, pray to Him. Tell him your worries and your successes. Tell him your desires and dreams. He is always listening and He will answer. He speaks to our heart, opens doors, and sends angels in the form of friends, family or even strangers.

Second, learn to recognize the hand of the Lord in our lives daily. Your Father in Heaven loves you and wants the best for you. He sends blessings into your life that are often blurred due to the noise of the world.

One way to understand His love is to keep a record of how the Lord blesses you each day. Each evening, take a moment to reflect on where you have seen the hand of the Lord touch your life. You may see Him in seemingly coincidental moments. You may see Him in small random acts of kindness. You may see Him in the tender mercies that He sends to lift you up in your most difficult moments. Write these moments down. This will solidify in your mind the blessings you have been given. It will also provide comfort when things get difficult, as they so often do, both to yourself and your children.

Jesus Christ said, “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you; not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” [John 14:27]

May we all strive to find this peace through prayer and gratitude.

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