INSPIRATION – Good Friday, mankind’s conception

Joseph L’Heureux, Lay Minister
This Easter season was one of the most fascinating God-Incidence, or co-incidence, feast days in many years.

Holy Thursday leading into Good Friday is the beginning of Passover in the Jewish faith, the night when Jesus would have celebrated His last supper with His disciples, at that time, called the Passover, in the Jewish calendar year.

Passover, if we care to remember, is the Jewish feast day, celebrating the night the Exodus began for the Israelites out of Egypt. The night the Israelites were set free from Egyptian slavery, called Exodus, the beginning of their freedom. This day is remembered by the slaying of a year-old male lamb, using the blood to mark their doorpost, that the angel of death might pass over them. Then eating the lamb, before beginning their exodus, which for us Catholics and other Christians becomes our Eucharistic feast. For Catholics, the blood on our doorpost is our crucifix.

Yes, you might say we know this. This year, a very early Good Friday, fell on March 25, which is the Catholic Church’s feast day for the Annunciation, the day the Angel Gabriel announced to the Virgin Mary, that she would conceive a child which is Jesus, the Christ who became the Passover Lamb for all mankind.

Not being an astronomer, I don’t know the odds of when this will occur again. However, I believe it is a noteworthy occasion, since this same annunciation also marks the “spiritual conception” of mankind, or at the very least the Christian world.

Think about it, the conception of Jesus Christ, the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ, and the feast day of the Exodus all falling on the same feast day.

This may have a great significance in our times since God always seems to have something in store for us when things happen in threes.

Add to the fact that Mother Mary has been appearing to the world daily in Medjugorje, Croatia, now for almost 35 years. Something major may be afoot.

This Easter on the History channel – note the History Channel, not some religious channel – astrologers, physicists, people of science in the medical field, listed the disasters that have been happening around the world: plagues, droughts, famines, fires, earthquakes, terrorists, floods, and the seas turning blood red, explained by scientists as a killer algae destroying a third of sea life.

Which all seem to coincide with Revelations. [Revelations 8-9]

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