Impaired police officer given curative discharge

Richard Froese
South Peace News

An RCMP officer charged with impaired driving and assaulting a police officer in June 2018 was sentenced in court.

Anita Lee Doktor, 35, was sentenced to probation for two years when she appeared in High Prairie provincial court May 1 for sentencing on a charge of driving a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol content over 80 mg.

Judge J.K. Sihra supported a curative discharge presented in a joint submission from Crown prosecutor Alison Magill and defence lawyer Shannon Gunn Emery.

“An aggravating factor is that she was a police officer at the time of the incident,” Judge Sihra said.

“They [police officers] need to be seen as examples to others.”

Doktor was an officer at the McLennan RCMP detachment when she was charged with the driving and assault offences. She was previously posted with the High Prairie RCMP.

Doktor told court she now resides in Red Deer, and is still employed with the RCMP.

She spoke before the judge sentenced her.

“I want to apologize to the court for my actions,” Doktor said.

“I hope I can be able to help others.”

Doktor was charged after McLennan RCMP responded to a call of an impaired female driver at a convenience store June 1, 2018. Blood alcohol samples taken exceeded 160 mg or twice the legal limit.

Doktor was suspended from driving for one year when she pleaded guilty Sept. 24, 2018 to driving over the legal limit.

An officer was assaulted in the incident. Doktor threw a lighter and some coins that hit an officer in the chest, Judge Sihra said during sentencing.

Since she was charged, Doktor completed residential alcohol treatment at Edgewood Health Network in Nanaimo, B.C. from June to August 2018, Gunn Emery told court. It was all part of an application for a discharge as part of the sentence planned by Gunn Emery in October.

Judge Sihra said Doktor qualified for a curative discharge by evidence to prove she has taken curative steps.

“This has been met by the accused getting treatment at Edgewood,” Judge Sihra noted.

“I give you credit for all the hard work you’re doing.”

Doktor was given a conditional discharge for assaulting a police officer and sentenced to probation for six months to run concurrently.

As well, Doktor must complete 50 hours of community service in the first five months of her probation order.

Gunn Emery says Doktor is also reaching out in the community to help others facing addictions. She recently established a recovery group in Red Deer.

“She wants to rehabilitate herself,” Gunn Emery said.

“She has made a significant amount of effort to change. This person has been dealing with trauma in the wrong way.”

Emery told court the alcohol problem started several years ago.

Judge Sihra noted Doktor has a reasonable chance to recover by her efforts and commitment to her recovery plan.

During the two-year probation period, Doktor is required to abstain from alcohol and take further treatment and counselling as directed by her probation officer.

Doktor has been employed with the RCMP for 12 years.

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4 thoughts on “Impaired police officer given curative discharge

  1. I have the Ignition Interlock System installed now for four days. Very easy to use . Very good because no booze. It’s a no brainer. I just love being able to drive again.

  2. Not even a fine Judge Sihra?
    Please tell me one other citizen of High Prairie who has got away with assaulting a police officer and a second charge of impaired driving. You can’t because everyone gets a large fine, does some time and has a long license suspension.
    This is why people in High Prairie don’t like or trust the police and courts.

    1. FYI In the eyes of Alberta Transportation you are guilty ie convicted in their mind even with a Curative Discharge. I got the same judgement as Anita and my driver’s abstract stated Conviction and I have to get ignition interlock installed as a result. just FYI


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