HPE teachers finding it too quiet

Grade 5C High Prairie Elementary School students made 3D symbols to go along with their Social Research Journals. Ray Coulombe wanted to do something for my students, so he finished the 3D printing projects.

HPE Staff

Well, it’s been an interesting few weeks at High Prairie Elementary School! The staff at HPE find it way too quiet around our school!

The first week we spent cleaning our classrooms, student lockers and the school. Then many of us learned some new technology. All the teachers phoned their students and their parents to touch base and see how everyone was doing. Next, many teachers worked together to start putting lessons online with Google Classroom.

Last week was spring break and the staff did what we are all supposed to be doing – social distancing. E-mails have been sent back and forth between teachers and students staying connected.

This week, the staff is back in the school and many students will be connecting to their Google Classroom to see what their teachers have set up for them. A very new way to learn! Some students don’t have the Internet and teachers are creating paper work for them that will be picked up at the school. For those parents, please call the school at [780] 523-4531 and make an appointment for pickup.

The following are a few of the websites that teachers are using or find very interesting. Parents, as with any website, please check it out with your child.

  • Prodigy – play.prodigygames.com
  • www.mathcoachcorner.com
  • www.weareteachers.com
  • www.squigglepark.com
  • www.storylineonline.net
  • Mysterdoug.com
  • kids.nationalgeographic.com
  • Learninga-z.com
  • Starfall.com
  • Epic
  • Let’s Doodle Together

Play board games, card games, find a picture and make-up a story about it.

Read, read, read!

E-mail your teacher and let her/him know how you are doing and what interesting thing you are doing. Create a wonderful Lego build, take a picture and send it to us.

In Grade 5C, students have kept a Friday Journal every week since September. Turn that into a daily journal with just a few sentences about your day and your thoughts. We have been studying history, now we are a part of the history that will be written. Keep your own record!

To all our students we want you to know that we miss you! We are trying our best and we know that you will be trying your best. Make sure to give your parents some quiet time.

That’s what’s happening at HPE!

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