HPE students learn how to be mushers

Rebekah Strebchuk
Karina Muniz Salas

Karina Munoz Salas
Rebekah Strebchuk
HPE Reporters

This is Rebekah and Karina with our High Prairie Elementary School news of the week, for the South Peace News.

Students in Grade 6L created wonderful posters to illustrate space, our solar system and what we know. The students explained phases of our moon, how earth has day/night and four seasons, types of constellations and comets, asteroids, meteoroids and meteors.

Students in Grade 4S, have looked at and critiqued several examples and non-examples and a narrative main event. Now they will write one together as a class. In Science, students will test the device they have built by running it with a sphere robot in a table of water.

The Grade 5 students went to their Land-Based Learning Unit March 11. They were given the chance to ride in a dog sled. The Grade 5s were able to put their prior knowledge to use about the dogs and sleds. Fun was had by all! Thanks, Nicole!

Last week, report cards were e-mailed to parents/guardians. This week on Wednesday and Thursday, Student Led Conferences are being held. Make sure to come into the school and check out your child’s portfolio/work.

At the same time our HPE Book Fair will be held from Monday to Thursday. It will be open during both nights of the Student Led Conferences until 6 p.m.

March 11, was the start of the HPSD Robo Rumble robotics competition. Students from across the division battled at the Gordon Buchanan Recreation Centre in High Prairie. Students were able to tune in to see their school’s team compete. We’ll let you know how HPE’s team did next week.

The HPE Archery Club finished last Tuesday. The students took the opportunity to practice shooting from 10 metres and 15 metres. Next year, students in Grade 6 will be moving from elementary to junior high school, so their elementary coaches have encouraged those students to join the junior high team next year.

Librarian, Shelley Griffith has a great display set up in the library. She encourages all classes to participate in this very cool project. When you come into Student Led Conferences at HPE, stop by the library and see the beautiful wings!

Check in with us next week to see what’s happening at HPE!

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