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WEEK OF JULY 14 – 20

Aires – March 21 – April 20:

There’s not much you can do to prevent your momentum from taking you in a particular direction. Enjoy the ride and hold on tight.

Taurus – April 21 – May 21:

Stick to your gut feeling when someone tries to persuade you otherwise. You know what feels right and wrong, you can guide others in right direction.

Gemini – May 22 – June 21:

Your current focus on finances has all of your accounts under scrutiny. You need to have a clear picture of spending habits in order to reign things in.

Cancer – June 22 – July 22:

If you are feeling exhausted, plan a getaway that will have you feeling rested in no time. Go somewhere nearby so you can start relaxing soon!

Leo – July 23 – Aug. 23:

You want to give sound advice but are a little worried about how your message will be received. All you can do is put the information out there, hope for the best.

Virgo – Aug. 24 – Sept. 22:

All it takes is a little rescheduling to free up your calendar for something extremely fun. Now you just have to settle on which enjoyable activity to do.

Libra – Sept. 23 – Oct. 23:

f you feel like your coffers are getting a little empty lately, find a fun way to bring in a little more money. This extra income will alleviate some pressure.

Scorpio – Oct. 24 – Nov. 22:

Once you stop trying so hard, all answers will fall in your lap. It can be difficult to pull back and let nature run its course. Things worth fighting for take work.

Sagittarius – Nov. 23 – Dec. 21:

It may be time for a big change. A number of factors that only you can control will determine which direction to go in. Start thinking of the possibilities.

Capricorn – Dec. 22 – Jan. 20:

A few celebrations are in store for you. Rest up for a period of whirlwind activity that won’t abate anytime soon. Bring a friend along for the ride.

Aquarius – Jan. 21 – Feb. 18:

Learn how to control stressors that impact your well-being. This may be as simple as exercising or getting out in the fresh air for extended periods of time.

Pisces – Feb. 19 – March 20:

You may have a reason for keeping your cards close to the vest. However, sometimes you may have to share some of your secrets.


July 17 Art Linkletter People are Funny host 1912
July 17 Phyllis Diller US comedienne/actress 1917
July 17 Gordon Gould Inventor of the laser 1920
July 17 Donald Sutherland M*A*S*H movie actor 1935
July 17 Elmer Fudd Looney Tunes character 1937
July 17 Angela Merkel Chancellor of Germany 1954
July 18 Lupe Vélez Joe Palooka Actress 1909
July 18 Red Skelton Red Skelton Show Host 1913
July 18 Nelson Mandela Anti-Apartheid Activist 1918
July 18 John Glenn American astronaut 1921
July 18 Jack Layton Canadian NDP Politician 1950
July 19 Samuel Colt Inventor of Colt 6 1814
July 19 Lizzie Borden Acquitted Murderer 1860
July 19 George Dzundza Law & Order Actor 1945
July 19 Brian May Queen Vocalist 1947
July 19 Vitali Klitschko Ukrainian Pro Boxer 1971
July 20 Verna Felton Voice of Cinderella 1890
July 20 Edmund Hillary 1st to scale Mt. Everest 1919
July 20 Mike Ilitch Founded Little Caesars 1929
July 20 Natalie Wood West Side Story Actress 1938
July 20 Kim Carnes Bette Davis Eyes Singer 1945
July 20 Tantoo Cardinal Canadian Actress 1950
July 21 Paul von Reuter Reuters News founder 1816
July 21 Ernest Hemingway Author 1899
July 21 Don Knotts Andy Griffth Show Actor 1924
July 21 Garry Trudeau Doonesbury Cartoonist 1948
July 21 Robin Williams Mork & Mindy Actor 1951
July 22 Alex Trebek Jeopardy! TV Host 1940
July 22 Ron Turcotte Canadian Jockey 1941
July 22 Don Henley Eagles Vocalist 1947
July 22 Willem Dafoe Platoon Actor 1955
July 22 Dave Stieb Toronto Blue Jay 1957
July 22 Shawn Michaels WWE wrestler 1965
July 23 Geza Zichy One-Armed Pianist 1849
July 23 Apolinario Mabini 1st PM of Philippines 1864
July 23 Albert Warner Warner Bros. Founder 1884