Haunted House delights Joussard students

Olivia Bellerose, left, and Jewel Burlock report the news this week from Joussard School.
Olivia Bellerose
Jewel Burlock
Joussard Reporters

Hi! This is Olivia Bellerose and Jewel Burlock, bringing you the news from Joussard School. We had a very busy week, but a good one. Lots of Halloween activities and we learned something from every one of them!

Our kindergarten students learned to synergize as they carved pumpkins together. Working in a group and listening to other peoples’ ideas is sometimes very hard for little children to do, but our students did great.

In Grade 1, our students learned how to be good presenters as they organized and performed in our awards assembly. They did a very cute song and dance about pumpkins. Again, building up the skills of working together. They also learned some valuable individual presenting skills as they announced all of the events in the assembly.

Our Grade 2 students learned how to follow multi-step directions as they built spiders and webs using balloons and string. This required close listening skills and focus and the students did a great job. They were very proud of the spiders and webs they were able to take home.

In Grade 3, our students learned to cooperate and create as they made pumpkins to hang in their classroom. Their classroom looks colourful and interesting as a result of their work.

Our Grade 4 students have been learning how to create and build things out of materials they find outside. This also involves cooperation and group work, as well as listening skills. The students built some very creative houses.

Grade 5 students are using their problem solving and creativity skills by using different sources for electrical energy. This week, they discovered they could power a light using a potato. Maybe these kids will discover a new source of energy!

In Grade 6, our students are learning more about their cultural identity as they have just started to make moccasins. As they learn more about their own culture, they are also learning about other cultures in the world and how we are the same and different.

Our most exciting event this week was our school council’s haunted house. Council members and volunteers from the community built an incredibly scary house and frightened almost every one of us. It was fun and we hope they do it again. We are thankful to them for putting in so many hours to build it for us.

Thank you for reading our reports. There will be a new reporter for November.

Showing incredible leadership skills every day, our lovely Miss Olivia Bellerose wins the ‘Critter on the Corner’ for this month at Joussard School.


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