Grouard seniors lend a hand

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Grouard Seniors’ Association will take on an interim role to manage funds for culture and recreation under Big Lakes County.

At its regular meeting Jan. 23, county council approved a recommendation to allocate funding of $39,952 to the GSA for 2019.

Council appointed the GSA as the designated cultural and recreational community organization for the county’s grants program.

The GSA will serve until Grouard Community Association returns to good standing, says Heather Nanninga, director of corporate services.

“Grouard Seniors’ Association is a small, reliable group,” Grouard Councillor Fern Welch says.

If and when the GCA returns to good standing, the seniors’ organization would transfer the funds and role back to the GCA.

“Grouard Seniors’ Association approached us about the situation and we think it’s a good idea,” Nanninga says.

GSA president Monica Kramer addressed council during open forum at its meeting Jan. 9, she says.

“The Grouard Community Association has been the designated organization for Grouard, but has not received funding since 2015 as it has not met policy requiremements,” Nan- ninga says.

“The GCA is at risk of being struck as a society and has left a void in the provision of community programming for several years.”

Administration has been working with the GSA to prepare it for the interim role as the hamlet’s designated cultural recreational community organization to receive funding from the county, Nanninga says.

Community groups in Grouard interested in hosting a community event or co-ordinating programs in the hamlet will submit a proposal to the GSA.

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