Grade 5s watch their volcano erupt

Janessa Burlock reports the news this week from Joussard School.

Janessa Burlock
Joussard Reporter

Hello, my name is Janessa Burlock and I would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year from all of us at Joussard School. Most of us are very happy to be back at school, learning new things and best of all, being with our friends.

In kindergarten, I spoke with a couple of students and asked them what interesting things they have been doing so far this week. They haven’t had many days back, but they reported they have been doing all kinds of things – literacy centres, weather study, calendar study, learning about the seasons, and in Math they have been learning how to subitize. This means to tell with just a glance how many items are in a group, rather than count them one at a time. Smart little folks in our kindergarten class!

Our Grade 1 students are also impressing us with their learning. They have been doing research lately and then writing up their findings. Recent topics for research have been bats and Maine coon cats. The students have discovered some very interesting information about these animals. The kids also let me know they have been having fun playing ‘monkey tails’ in their P.E. classes.

Students in Grade 2 reported they have had some very interesting activities in Science lately. They are learning about the viscosity of liquids. They decided to have a race with water, corn syrup and honey to see which would move quickest. Of course, they discovered that water moves the quickest and therefore has the least viscosity.

In Grade 3, our students were very grateful to Joyce Hunt for teaching them about spirit pots and helping them make some. They used pottery clay and created the pots, then painted and decorated them. This was a wonderful learning experience and the students got to take home new knowledge and beautiful little spirit pots.

Our Grade 4 students are having lots of fun building moving vehicles. They have built a box for the body and are now working on wheels. The next step is to learn about axles and to design some for their cars. It will be interesting to see how these turn out!

In Grade 5, our students have also been having fun in Science. They reported they built a volcano and watched it erupt. They have also been brushing up their patterning skills during their Math lessons.

And, in Grade 6, our students reported they are already practicing for their Provincial Achievement Tests. They want to do the very best that they can. They have been having a great time playing dodgeball, kickball and floor hockey in P.E.

That’s it for my first report. Please check my report out next week.

Grade 3 students, left-right, Taliyah Calliou-Auger, Tanikah Belcourt, Raylene Bellerose and Alexsa Sawka-Jerez listen closely as Joyce Hunt explains the knowledge behind spirit pots and how to create them.
Tanikah Belcourt is very pleased with the finished results of her spirit pot.

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