Grade 5s selling poppies to support veterans

Alison Siegfries
Kaitlyn Senkoe

Kaitlyn Senkoe
Alison Siegfries
HPE Reporters

This is Kaitlyn and Alison with our High Prairie Elementary School news of the week, for the South Peace News report.

Teacher Brenda Coulombe, and her class had a great time dressing for Halloween. Each Halloween for the past 20 some years, Coulombe’s class has dressed up in theme. It’s a great team building activity and lots of fun!

For the first time students in HPE have been invited to organize a “no stone left behind” ceremony. The grade 5s will be at St. Mark’s Anglican Church Cemetery Nov. 5 at 10:45 a.m. to lay a poppy on the grave of High Prairie veterans.

The students were able to accomplish this with help from Stella Sware, John Paddon and Ray Coulombe. These adults helped locate and mark each grave so that the students would know where to place the poppies.

Grade 6L is beginning a project to examine how democracy came about in ancient Athens. In doing so, students will examine and compare the roots of democracy to ours today.

In Grade 4S Math, students will continue to develop problem solving strategies while solving addition and subtraction word problems. In Science, they will begin understanding and creating wheel and levers. During PE, they will develop their puck and stick handling skills while playing floor hockey.

The Grade 5 students will be holding their yearly Veteran’s Assembly on Nov. 6 at 10:45 a.m. All HPE members are welcome to attend.

The Grade 5 students will be selling poppies all week to support our High Prairie Veterans. Students will come to the classrooms first thing each morning.

HPE knows the importance of our seniors and Elders. To celebrate that importance there are 21 pictures of seniors in our hallways. In these pictures the seniors are giving advice to our students. We appreciate their being great role models.

It is wonderful to see many students around the school smile and point exclaiming, “I know her!”

Thanks to Jodi Sware who took the pictures and to the wonderful lady at Pleasantview Lodge for the great idea of taking the pictures!

Every Friday in October librarian Shelley Griffiths, holds Flashlight Friday. The students had a great time reading spooky Halloween books using a flashlight. Thanks for making the library a fun place to be!

Check in with us next week to see what’s happening at HPE!

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