Food shipments continue

Staff at Freson Bros. in High Prairie were unable to keep the bread and pastry shelves well-stocked March 17 due to increased demand. It was a common site at food stores across the Peace.

No disruption of deliveries expected, say Freson Bros., Super A

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

Both of High Prairie’s major food stores anticipate no problem replenishing their shelves after increased sales this past week.

Freson Bros and High Prairie Super A officials both say it’s businesses as usual but things could change as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

Citizens are worried the pandemic may cause shipments of food to the stores to be affected.

“As of right now, we have not received news otherwise,” says Tamara Evans, Freson Bros. branding and marketing specialist, when reached March 18.

“We have not received news shipments are stopping.”

However, she adds if a driver is sick another may have to be found. With the pandemic spreading, that may be more difficult as time progresses.

“The risk is increasing,” says Evans.

Evans adds if anything changes, Freson Bros. customers will be notified on its Facebook page.

Meanwhile, at High Prairie Super A, manager Garnet Naylor says nothing has changed so far but he will not know for sure until Friday, March 20. He receives shipments on Tuesday and Friday.

“Officially, nothing has been affected,” he says.

But, he added to check Friday to see if his latest “huge shipment” has arrived in full.

Empty shelves in both stores has resulted from increased sales and prompted concerns from citizens.

Shelves were empty at many Peace Country stores of toilet paper last week. Above, the shelves were bare at High Prairie Super A. People around the word are hoarding the popular tissue.

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