Firefighters valuable to protect communities

Richard Froese
South Peace News

People who volunteer as firefighters serve a valuable role to protect their community.

That’s a key message from Trevor Cisaroski, who became the new fire chief for the High Prairie Fire Department on Aug. 26.

Although he focuses on High Prairie, the call is for everyone in all communities.

Following is a message provided from Cisaroski.

“Your local fire department depends on normal people like you to step up and see if being a firefighter is something that fits in your life.

“Across the nation, volunteer firefighter numbers are dwindling, yet this service is an absolute necessity.

“When things go bad, it is only your local people that will be there right away to help.

“Without volunteers, there may be a time when you need help, but no one comes.

“At this time, you can be assured that High Prairie Fire Department has a core group of 30 members that are continuously training to ensure skills are current.

“Those are normal people like you that have taken the leap to find that they can be a firefighter in our community.

“Our members range from mechanics to business owners, public servants, mill employees and students.

“Those people have joined and are on their way to doing what they can do to serve our customers: the people of High Prairie and area.

“They are the people that questioned themselves: Can I be a firefighter?

“Through hard work, perseverance and training, it happens. You may also be that person!

“The personal gratification of being there when someone needs help is rewarding.

“Many members find that personal, mental and physical growth is another part of the picture.

“We have many members that push themselves to do things that they never would have normally done yet feel great about it after successfully completing the task.

“Besides responding to calls, we gather for fun events to enjoy so that everything is not all business.

“If members are available, they help at community events that are usually a lot of fun.

“There are also a few benefits of volunteering time for this important service. “We offer an occasional meal for attending practice.

“This is to make transition from work to practice easier to attend.

“Swimming, decontaminating saunas, exercise equipment and wash facilities are more of the amenities that are available to members.

“Have you ever thought about joining?”

You can also contact any HPFD member to ask questions.

Contact the fire chief by phone at (780) 523-7733 or e-mail to

Check out the High Prairie Fire Department Facebook page for updates.

Contact your local fire department.

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