FCSS welcomes new manager

Nicole Hanna became the new manager of Big Lakes County Family and Community Support Services on Dec. 28.

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Big Lakes County Family and Community Support Services has a new manager.

“I’m passionate about working with people and communities because I understand the needs of rural communities,” Nicole Hanna says.

“They may be different from the needs of urban communities and each community is unique.”

She started Dec. 28 after former manager Louise Myre retired.

Hanna joined Big Lakes FCSS in March 2018 and served as an outreach worker at Grouard and Joussard.

“I look forward to continue the work of previous FCSS managers and bring new ideas and programs to meet the needs of each community,” Hanna says.

She has extensive experience in management roles and community services. Previously, she worked as a community service outreach and program co-ordinator for the M.D. of Opportunity, covering the communities of Red Earth Creek, Trout Lake and Peerless Lake.

“My first position in community service opened my eyes to the needs in smaller rural communities,” Hanna says.

“It ignited my drive to do what I could to make sure the needs of the community are met.”

Hanna is eager to use her experience and passion to enhance services of the local FCSS.

“I am open to any and all ideas that fit within the FCSS mandate,” Hanna says.

“I plan to be out and open in the communities, conduct surveys, attend community meetings and events to hear from local people and contact other FCSS directors and managers to gather ideas.”

She is excited about the new Big Lakes FCSS Rural Public Transportation System.

The new 12-passenger bus will tour the region on launch day Jan. 31 to promote the program. Residents can view the bus at Enilda FCSS office at 9 a.m., Grouard FCSS at 10:30 a.m., Joussard FCSS at noon, Faust FCSS at 1:30 p.m. and Kinuso Seniors’ Centre at 3 p.m.

“Everyone is welcome and we will provide snacks and refreshments,” Hanna says.

FCSS will determine the starting date of the service soon.

FCSS serves to improve the quality of life and assist people to address their own needs and help themselves.

For information on FCSS, contact Hanna by phone at [780] 776-3811 or [866] 523-5955 or email to nhanna@biglakescounty.ca.

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