Editorial – Good for Driftpile!

Jeff Burgar

Several good people in Driftpile took exception to an RCMP news release last week that, probably unwittingly, besmirched their fine community.

So, not only did they barrage this newspaper, they also overwhelmed social media in the best manner of today’s on the scene observers. It was pretty well a “How Dare They!” moment, and should not have been a surprise for anybody on the receiving end.

Basically, it was “You Insensitive Vermin!” or something along those lines.

Good for the folks of Driftpile!

In case this is all news to you, let us recap. Police came across “human remains”. A news release mentioned the nearest community, Driftpile.

Except Driftpile is not exactly the nearest community. Joussard, it seems, is nearer. Apparently.

We say “apparently” because the exact location is not being released. But police say the remains were found in Big Lakes County. Near Joussard.

It does seem all a tempest in a teapot. After all, we haven’t heard any peeps from Joussardians. But then, there are nowhere near as many people living in Joussard as Driftpile. Maybe there just aren’t enough rousers in Joussard!

Let’s not forget olden days in High Prairie. There was a time in past decades when incidents in surrounding communities of High Prairie were routinely reported in Edmonton, as well as national, press and media. The most memorable of these was the booming headline in the Edmonton Journal – “We live in fear.”

For the folks of High Prairie, this was mostly “Huh? Who? What?” But more than a few people got their knickers in a knot when the stories kept coming, and coming. It’s downright depressing to see your home smeared incessantly. It’s outrageous when an incident happens in the bush of muskeg land, the nearest community on a map is High Prairie, and that’s what gets named as Ground Zero. All for the convenience of readers in Timbuktu!

This stuff does indeed hit right in the gut. It’s a black mark on a community. Even the recent criticism of the new, “ugly” downtown library in Edmonton has people in that city riled. The basic tone is, “How dare Calgary, or anybody else outside our city, crap on our fair town!” For the record, we think the building its almost cute, in its own box ugly way. It probably also looks way better inside.

So basically, citizens everywhere have a right to be outraged. My town. My city. My school. My club. My team. Make us look bad at your peril. When it comes to just about anything, including entire communities, citizens should be outraged.

In fact, it would be even worse if everybody just rolled over and said nothing. It would be even more outrageous if, like Detroit or Chicago, people didn’t bother to get upset. In those places, it’s so bad, murders are so common, it’s a news day when someone doesn’t get killed!

Sitting still. Saying nothing. Accepting everything thrown at you, accidentally or not. Now that’s truly horrifying.

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