Duchesneau wins Coach-of-the-Year

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Hard work and commitment has paid off for the coach of the High Prairie Renegades.

Head coach Tom Duchesneau won the Coach-of-the-Year Award for the Mighty Peace Football League.

He received the award at the league year-end awards banquet Oct. 26 in Grande Prairie.

High Prairie won its first league awards as the Renegades completed their fifth season.

The coach was honoured for the award, which he says is not his alone.

“Congratulations to the High Prairie Renegade team, this is your award,” says Duchesneau, who completed his first year with the Renegades as a coach.

Duchesneau also served as head coach of the High Prairie Outlaws.

He credits the Renegades for the award.

“When I was awarded the 2019 MPFL Coach of-the-Year, I felt that it should rather have been dedicated to the team other than myself,” Duchesneau says.

“I feel very humbled and grateful to have the opportunities I’ve had over the past few years to coach some very special young men and women with help from some amazing people.”

“Our team improved so much this year and everyone on the team fought very hard in every game, no matter what the score was on the board.

“This is something that I and all the players, coaches and parents should be very proud of.”

He says the football program is still a work in progress.

“It takes a while to get to the level of play of other teams, who have been playing for many more years than we have,” Duchesneau says.

“We have to persevere and work hard.”

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