Driver puts lives in danger on the road

H.P. court docket
May 6, 2019
Judge G.W. Paul

A Whitefish man will be off the roads for several months after pleading guilty to dangerous driving and impaired driving that put many people at risk.
Ian Timothy Weesemat, 41, was fined $2,000 and prohibited from driving a vehicle for two years for having a blood alcohol content over 80 mg when he appeared in High Prairie provincial court May 6.
Court heard Weesemat provided a breath sample of 160 mg after he was stopped by High Prairie RCMP on Feb. 19 near Gift Lake, Crown prosecutor Terrance Hudson said.
“Anything over 120 mg is aggravating,” he told court.
Hudson provided court with Weesemat’s criminal record, which included two previous impaired convictions, in 1998 and 1999.
As a result, Judge G.W. Paul suspended Weesemat from driving for two years.
Weesemat was also fined $1,000 for dangerous operation of a vehicle.
Three passengers were in the vehicle at the time, Hudson said.
“Passengers in the vehicle were in danger,” Judge Paul noted.
Police saw Weesemat driving at a high rate of speed along Highway 750, although the Crown gave no figure.
“He was overtaking vehicles in dangerous circumstances,” Hudson submitted.
Weesemat admitted to his driving behaviour.
“He knew he was driving at more than 120 km/h,” duty counsel Harry Jong told court.

– – – – – – –

Justin Craig Mindel, 20, of Grouard, was fined $1,000 after pleading guilty to driving a vehicle with a blood alcohol content over 80 mg.
He recorded a breath sample of 140 mg after he was stopped by High Prairie RCMP on March 15, Crown prosecutor Terrance Hudson said.
The drunk driving charge was not the end of Mindel’s legal troubles. He also pleaded guilty to driving a motor vehicle with no insurance and was fined $2,875.
In reaching his decision, Judge G.W. Paul reduced the standard impaired fine of $2,000.
“The fines are more than enough to send a message to a 20-year-old,” he said.
“It’s a lot of money.”
Mindel was also suspended from driving for one year.

– – – – – – –

Danny Joseph Decet, 58, of McLennan, was sentenced to one day in jail after pleading guilty to causing a disturbance.
Decet’s appearance in court counted as the one day and he was released after being credited for time served.
Decet was further fined $100 after pleading guilty to failing to comply with an undertaking.
Court heard Decet was intoxicated at the High Prairie Municipal Library on April 17, Crown prosecutor Terrance Hudson said.
“He was sitting on a planter outside the library. He was intoxicated.”
Court heard Decet was already on three separate court orders to abstain from alcohol in a public place at the time of his arrest.
“If you have to drink, stay home,” Judge G.W. Paul advised.
Duty counsel Harry Jong said Decet has several social and funding challenges.
“Look for some different form of support,” Judge Paul suggested.

– – – – – – –

Julie M. Kahnapace, 33, of Edmonton, was fined $200 each on charges of failing to appear in court.
She missed two docket days, Crown prosecutor Terrance Hudson submitted.
“On one day, her boyfriend took her car keys away and she couldn’t find a ride,” duty counsel Harry Jong said.

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2 thoughts on “Driver puts lives in danger on the road

  1. Two guys convicted of impaired driving get heavy fines and license suspensions.
    That’s because they’re not RCMP like Cpl Anita Doktor.
    What a stacked system.

    1. Ben, whatever happened to her 2nd case of being caught? Also noticed that there is a high rate of drug activity in High Prairie, yet RC’s seem to turn a blinds eye to those dealing right out there and notice in dockets they go after someone who is in possession of small amt and get fined and jail time. Especially when the narc cop grew up in High Prairie. Time they need an actual undercover cop, nobody knows.


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