Definitions aside, spring rodeo supported

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

What is the difference between sponsoring an event and a donation?

It’s the question High Prairie town council struggled with at its March 10 meeting after approving a $500 ‘sponsorship’ for the High Prairie Agricultural Society’s Spring Rodeo, tentatively set for April 25-26.

During debate, Councillor Judy Stenhouse opposed the request saying it did not comply with council’s donation policy, which asks organizations to submit donation requests quarterly and council to disperse money at the beginning of January, April, July and October.

“We have a policy,” said Stenhouse. “We will give out donations quarterly.”

Councillor Donna Deynaka noted council always seems to struggle with the definition of ‘donation’ and ‘sponsorship’.

Stenhouse asked what the difference was, and heard a donation is where you receive nothing in return, but sponsorship you do, such as free tickets.

“We always struggle when it comes to this,” said Deynaka.

Mayor Brian Panasiuk said requests are received and become timely to deal with.

“The general public doesn’t understand we have this policy,” he said.

Councillor Debbie Rose replied most citizens like to see the Town of High Prairie sponsor and support local community events.

Stenhouse’s motion to receive the request for information was defeated. A second motion to approve a $500 donation passed with Stenhouse and Councillor Brian Gilroy opposed.

Town CAO Brian Martinson informed council before the vote that no money had been given out so far this year.

Council sponsored the spring rodeo with a similar $500 donation in 2019

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