Cupcakes and animals part of Grade 1 fun

Nevaeh Prince reports the news this week from Joussard School and for the rest of May.

Nevaeh Prince
Joussard Reporter

Hello from Joussard School! Once again I went from classroom to classroom, interviewing kids about what fun learning things they have been doing lately.

Kindergarten and Grade 1 students were full of information! They let me know they finished their swimming lessons and learned a whole lot. Then they visited Williscroft’s farm and had a great time with some animals. Their next field trip was to IGA. They loved this field trip too, as the IGA staff showed them so many things and also gave them cupcakes! Their next field trip was to the police detachment. Again, the students had a great trip. Our kindergarten and Grade 1 students learned so much, in so many different places, this last week.

In Grades 2-3, our students are excited they are about to start their swimming lessons. It is great that our students get to take swimming lessons because we live by a big lake and these lessons might save their lives some day.

Students in Grade 4 continue to monitor their little individual gardens as they learn how plants grow. The students also reported they are learning about rotations in Math and writing narrative stories in L.A.

This week has been all about recognizing mental health and the Grade 5 classroom has learned how to identify and name feelings and emotions – how colours can affect and represent feelings – and that we need to look after our mental health as well as our physical health. This is so important to learn now and can help them their whole lives.

And, in Grade 6 our students have written their first Provincial Achievement Test. Everyone tried their very best and we are hoping for great results.

Our Grade Six students are also busy making moccasins in their Cree Culture class. These are moccasins the students will be able to wear and we’ve got some nice footwear coming.

We were very glad to have Norma Maclean of Jump Rope for Heart here to have a kickoff for this fundraiser we do every year. She explained how the money we have raised over the years has gone to help many people build strong hearts and to recover from illnesses related to heart and strokes. We are hoping that we will bring in lots of money for this cause again this year.

That’s it for this week. Please check in with me again next week for more news.

Grade 3s put creative juices to good use

Students in Grade 3 recently drew flags that represent Joussard School. Each student is using their own creativity to show what represents their school to them.

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