Cucumbers and caterpillars part of learning

Nevaeh Prince reports the news this week from Joussard School.

Nevaeh Prince
Joussard Reporter

Hi from Joussard School! I am Nevaeh Prince and am bringing you the news from our school for this week.

While speaking with the kindergarten kids I learned they have been using microscopes to learn about all sorts of things in their STEM class. This has been so much fun for the little guys! They also reported they are reading a book about going camping and they were careful to tell me that it was a non-fiction book. How about that, they know the difference between fiction and non-fiction in kindergarten – good for them!

In Grade 1 our students reported they are growing caterpillars and cucumbers. Hopefully not together!

The Grade 1 students also reported they are learning how to spell words. That’s a good thing!

Our Grade 2 students let me know they went swimming, that they coloured pictures for a contest during Mental Health Week and they are now playing basketball in P.E. Busy folks!

Students in Grade 3 were proud to announce they are learning how to do cursive writing. This is exciting and seems so grown up! The students also let me know they went swimming and are playing Capture the Flag in P.E.

In Grade 4 our students reported they are working on their battle bots, adding more parts in order to make them more competitive for our upcoming battle. It should be exciting!

Students in Grade 5 informed me they were learning about the wetlands and the ecosystem that exists there. They are also writing book reports in L.A. and in Social Studies, they had a presentation on residential schools – a sad topic, but we all need to learn about it.

And, in Grade 6 our students travelled to Driftpile to meet with an elder there who taught them about birch tree sap and sweat lodges. This was a very informative day. The students also got to cuddle some baby rabbits, so that was fun too.

Thanks again for reading my reports. I’ll be back next week.

Oneisha Giroux holds the prizes donated by High Prairie School Division. She is our winner of the colouring contest during Mental Health Week.

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