Cox 3-peats as Oratorical champ

Early childhood studies [kindergarten] students wear their medals. Left-right, are Sebastian Cayanong of ECS-A, Emily Fleming of ECS-A, Mila Sharkawi of ECS-A, Jaxon Wilkinson of ECS-B, Hailey Starko of ECS-B and Kalan Laboucan of ECS-B.

St. Andrew’s School in High Prairie presented awards to winners in the school’s annual Oratorical competition March 11. Medals were presented to top students in each grade or class. Carley Cox, a Grade 5 student, won the Overall Elementary category winner for the third consecutive year. Her sister, Kelly Cox, won the award in 2016 and 2017.

Oratorical winners’ list

Early Childhood Studies (Top three students in each class received medals.)

ECS-A – Sebastian Cayanong, Emily Fleming, Mila Sharkawi.
ECS-B – Jaxon Wilkinson, Hailey Starko, Kellan Laboucan.

Grade 1A

  1. Lyka Laudencia
  2. Ethan Melnyk
  3. Cairo Lawson

Grade 1B

  1. Zerra Auger
  2. Dominic Lawson
  3. Claire Lasher

Grade 2

  1. Noah Meunier
  2. Ryder McIntyre
  3. Nickolas Melnyk

Grade 3

  1. Addison Dube
  2. Jullisa Wilkinson
  3. Cianna SalaiNathaniel Reyes

Grade 4

  1. Parker Caron
  2. Nadene Tolentino

Grade 5

  1. Carley Cox
  2. Sydney Turcotte
  3. Amanda Donahue

Grade 6

  1. Reid Oliver
  2. Ava Kachuk
  3. Gillian Blackhurst

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