COVID-19 victim takes to social media to confirm case, clear the air

Chris Clegg

South Peace News

The first confirmed case of COVID-19 in the High Prairie area has taken to social media to clear the air over misinformation regarding his case.

Shawn Auger, of Grouard, posted on social media details of exactly what happened after needless accusations were posted.

“It’s true,” he writes. “I’ve been confirmed with a case of COVID-19 [on March 16],” thereby confirming what South Peace News posted earlier on March 17, and incorrectly disputed by people posting on social media.

“I got tested Friday [March 13} and been home isolated since. There was no reason to contact people as the doc said it would cause panic and best to wait for the results.”

Auger made efforts to find out the results of his tests but was told it would take 4-7 days.

“But I did tell some people I was in contact with during the week so they knew I was sick,” writes Auger.

Auger received a call from the doctor in Edmonton March 17 confirming the case.

“Another AHS worked called as they would trace where I went all week. She also stated no one knows where they get it, just that they got it. So if could pinpoint it for you, I would.”

He adds AHS speculates where Auger received the infection but it cannot be confirmed.

“AHS thinks I picked it up Thursday as I got hit hard with the symptoms Friday at 12. They said people I been in contact with from Wednesday back, are not at risk and should not worry as they would [be] having the symptoms as I was.”

Auger offers some advice.

“So to clarify, if I was in contact with you Thursday morning until Friday at three, contact 811 to get tested and self quarantine. Cause that’s when I was exposed to it potentially.”

Auger and his family remains in quarantine at Grouard.

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