County designs new flag, signs

Richard Froese
South Peace News

New welcome signs have been approved for highways and hamlets by Big Lakes County.

At its regular meeting April 13, council approved a recommendation to approve the design for the highway signs to welcome motorists to the county and its hamlets. Valley Traffic Systems of Edmonton received the bid for $150,350.

“They’re the best- looking signs and the least expensive,” Reeve Ken Matthews says.

The county will spend $107,600 for eight highway signs and $42,750 for five hamlet signs. Each sign will be made of acrylic stucco finish with stone finish on the base and columns with recessed white reflect lettering for the names.

Highway signs measure eight feet high by 13 feet wide and will be located on a landscaped mound.

Signs for the hamlets measure five-and-a-half feet high by 10 feet wide.

County staff will install the signs in the coming months.

Before council finalized the signs, a new flag was approved at its regular meeting March 23. The flag features the county logo with a dark blue background.

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