County approves Faust storage yard

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Plans by a Faust resort owner to add a storage yard will go ahead despite some opposition.

At its regular meeting Oct. 23, Big Lakes County council approved a development for a storage yard for Bay Shore Resort located in a direct control land-use district.

“We recommend approval,” says Pat Olansky, director of planning and development.

One resident is concerned about the yard that will include one small sea can and other sheds, she says.

“We received one letter,” Olansky says.

Bonnie Raho sent a letter dated Oct. 13.

“Her concerns are visibility from Railway Avenue,” Olansky says.

“She questions whether this would enhance the landscape of Faust.”

Raho is concerned about the appearance of the yard.

“I question this location to be used for a storage yard,” Raho writes.

“This particular area, located just across from the CN rail crossing, is highly visible from Railway Avenue and to anyone using the Menzies Campground and/or approaching Lesser Slave Lake?”

She suggests the storage yard be located closer to Bay Shore Resort

Faust Councillor Robert Nygaard owns the property and excused himself from the discussion after he declared a conflict of interest.

Nygaard plans to construct a storage yard 150 feet by 180 feet enclosed by a chain link fence, a report to council states.

“The developer has indicated that the purpose of the storage area is to store a boat, maintenance equipment and supplies for the resort,” Olansky says.

The application proposes to include two 20-foot-long sea cans, one tarp shed 30 x 40 feet, one tarp shed 10 x feet and one metal shed 20 x by 30 feet.

Applications in direct control districts are decided at the discretion of council.

All site regulations, lot area, buildings and uses within the district are determined by council, Olansky writes in her report.

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