Commentary – Hey there, Mr. Viersen!

Jeff Burgar

Will Arnold Viersen love this column? Perhaps. Perhaps not. No matter.

If you don’t know who Arnold is, shame on you. Unless you are in Grade 4 or less in school, or sitting in the nursing home fighting Alzheimer’s, there is no excuse for not knowing the name of our local Member of Parliament.

You know, Parliament? That place in Ottawa where they pass those laws we Albertans hate? Ring a bell?

I should not be so harsh. A recent test given to new university students in the States produced dismal results. None [get that, none!] could name the three branches of government there. You know the three: Hollywood, CNN and Donald Trump. The rest flunked.

OK, just kidding. It’s Congress, the Senate and Twitter, which is indeed mostly the president.

Kidding again! Try Legislative, Judicial, and Executive.

The teacher giving the test also had students check out the American constitution. Only he changed the paperwork. He changed the name of the Russian constitution to United States and gave it to the students. Only three out of dozens figured something fishy was going on there.

So basically, if you don’t know our man Arnold, or there is a federal election going on, you are forgiven.

But now you know!

So we ask, what do you really think of Mr. Viersen? Good, bad, or ugly? A little bit of all three you say?

Well, he was in several parades in past years. That’s good. We can’t remember much of anything else. That’s bad.

And outside of singing a song this year, anything of substance? Nothing you say?

Now, that’s really ugly. If true. So come on, dear readers. There has to be something!

We’re sure Mr. Viersen will shortly send us notices of his many, many experiences. Speaking in Ottawa of this. Raising that issue, and that issue, and demanding answers to these questions and those questions.

But in the meantime, since we have a whole four more newspapers to fill before the actual election on Oct. 21, we make some suggestions on topics that could have been talked about. And could be talked about in the future.

First, why the constant failure, decades of failure, to get decent water to our First Nations?

Second, why is it so hard to get our military to modern trim?

Third, although health care is a provincial job, why is it so hard to get new immigrant or foreign doctors approved in our rural areas? Federally, has anybody ever thought of flooding the market with doctors wanting to work, even if they aren’t approved by any province?

Fourth, on the same topic, why is unemployment so high in rural areas right across Canada, but it is so hard for employers there to find staff?

There is much, much more. Get the picture Mr. Viersen?

You might have a super-easy ride getting elected. But that doesn’t mean you do not have to work to earn your pay every day of every week after that.

Jokes over!

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