Chamber values ideas in surveys

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Residents are invited to express their views about the High Prairie area in two surveys.

High Prairie and Area Chamber of Commerce urges people to complete the Community Improvement Survey and the Community Ratings Survey.

The chamber launched the surveys April 13 at the High Prairie Gun and Sportsman Show.

“Help us make better communities,” president Barry Sharkawi says.

“Opinions and ideas are important.”

People are encouraged to state ideas to improve the community.

The chamber wants people to complete the surveys by June 8.

Surveys were emailed to chamber members and businesses.

Paper copies of the survey are also located in local businesses and the Town of High Prairie office.

The improvement survey asks three questions.

What immediate changes would you like to see in our communities?

Do you feel the communities (municipalities) could improve their operations?

Did you know people want to make positive changes in our communities and surrounding areas this spring and beyond? Tell us what can be done to serve communities better?

People are asked to rate various community aspects on a scale of one to five, five being the best.

Categories include:

-Outdoor recreation (ski hills, swimming, boating, ATV and hiking trails, soccer, ball fields, camping, fishing and more.)
-Indoor recreation (hockey skating, swimming, dancing, cards, curling and others).
-Culture (museums, libraries, art and more).
-Shopping experiences (groceries, clothes, household, outdoor supplies, vehicles, farming, equipment and others).
-Dining and entertainment (restaurants, fast food, special events, movies, live theatre and more).
-Schools and skills training (kindergarten, elementary school, junior high, senior high, college).
-Jobs and employment (wages and salaries, professional non-skilled jobs, highly-skilled jobs, professional).
-Business opportunities.
-Community safety (policing, bylaw enforcement, vandalism, vagrancy, threatening animals and more)

Surveys can be completed online on the chamber website at

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