Boars remain under control

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Wild boars in Big Lakes County will remain under control.

At its regular meeting Jan. 9, council renewed a wild boar containment agreement for another five years.

“The agreement is focused on ensuring that commercial wild boar operations meet standards to ensure their animals do not become wild boar at large, a pest in the Agricultural Pests Act,” says a report from Vic Abel, director of public works.

The county has only one wild boar producer and it may be in the county’s best interest to remain part of the agreement.”

A letter from Alberta Agriculture and Forestry states the agreement would end Dec. 31, 2018.

“They come in and inspect it,” Abel says.

“There is no cost to the county to participate in the program.”

The county’s Agricultural Service Board reviewed the letter at its regular meeting Nov. 1.

“Our inspection and investigation staff have been working closely with agricultural fieldmen in municipalities that were identified that have wild boar producers, including your municipality,” says Bruce Hamblin, acting director of the inspection and investigation section.

Partners agree that the agreement sets standards and regulations to prevent wild boar at-large.

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