Big Lakes gears up to lobby

Richard Froese
South Peace News

More than two dozen issues have been pegged by Big Lakes County to lobby the provincial government.

At its regular meeting Feb. 26, council approved a list of about 30 priorities recommended by the inter-governmental relations committee.

CAO Jordan Panasiuk explains the priorities.

“This list will become the basis of our lobbying efforts by creating one master copy with all our priorities with the provincial government built into one . . . document,” Panasiuk says.

“This is a living document that council can add to and subtract.”

He notes the priorities for the agriculture were set by the county’s Agricultural Service Board.

The list includes priorities to lobby policing issues with the RCMP and other priorities with 12 cabinet ministers.

And the county’s priorities are . . .


  • Future of enhanced policing positions.
  • Dog handler.
  • Sergeant in Faust RCMP.


  • Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program grant for water distribution.
  • Outstanding grant applications.

Municipal Affairs

  • Change to the Municipal Government Act.
  • Assessment review.
  • Special lien for linear assessment for machinery and equipment.

Agriculture and Foresty:

  • Veterinarian education seats for rural Alberta.
  • Agricultural Service Board grant.
  • Grazing lease transfer timelines.
  • Disposing wood chips.

Indigenous Relations

  • Duty to consult.
  • Prairie Echo waterline funding.
  • Recreation funding.


  • Dialysis at High Prairie Health Complex.
  • Helipad.
  • Housing.
  • Hospital privileges for physicians.

Service Alberta

  • Broadband funding and strategy.


  • Hilliard’s Bay Road.
  • Highway 749 HP south.
  • Rural water funding.
  • Peavine Road.
  • Sunset House Road.

Seniors and Housing

  • Seniors’ housing.

Environment and Parks

  • Hilliard’s Bay Road.
  • Horse Lakes flooding.
  • Landfills accepting wood chips.
  • Wetlands policy.

Justice and Solicitor General

  • Future of enhanced policing contracts.
  • Increased officers.
  • Increased services.

Economic Development and Trade

  • Funding for regional economic development alliances.

Red Tape Reduction

  • Consultation process.
  • Environmental approvals.

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