Big Lakes County capital budget tops $24 million

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Upgrades to the airport and building projects top the Big Lakes County capital budget of just over $24 million in 2019.

At its regular meeting April 24, council adopted a capital budget of $24,046,050.

New work at the airport and completing the Joussard water treatment plant and reservoir are the major projects, says Heather Nanning a, director of corporate services.

However, the county’s plan for broadband may be put on hold.

“Government funding may not be available,” Nanninga says.

Other projects planned include an animal compound and added office space at the main office in High Prairie, and additional space at the Big Lakes Family and Community Services office in Joussard.

Capital projects will be supported by $13,659,130 from grants, $9,778,184 from reserves, $599,736 from other and $9,000 from operating.

Allocations for capital projects include:

-Utility projects at 10,737,645.

-Airport projects at $3,566,291.

-Road projects at 2,814,478.

-Public works shop projects at $2,737,023.

-Bridge projects at $2,367,555.

-Waste management projects at $483,225.

-Public works facilities projects at $418,333.

-Animal control projects at $400,000.

-Fire services projects at $397,500.

-Administration projects at $66,000.

-Agricultural projects at $43,000.

-Economic development projects at $15,000.

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