Astral Harvest has struck its last chord

Susan Thompson
South Peace News

The Astral Harvest Music and Arts Festival will be not returning in 2020.

The annual local electronic music festival ran for over a decade and drew thousands of people. It featured both live acts and DJs, as well as dancers, fire performers, and other artists.

“Our feet may be tired but our hearts couldn’t be more full from what Astral Harvest has brought us over the last 12 years,” Astral Harvest organizers posted in an official statement released on Oct. 30 on Facebook.

“Everything has a lifespan; and 12 seasons have brought a completion to an important cycle. Due to circumstances beyond our control, Astral Harvest will not be taking place in 2020.”

The annual festival occurred in the Driftpile Valley.

“We want to thank each and every one of you for contributing your art, energy, and play to grow Astral into the epic community event over the past 12 years. As we recapitulate and mine the jewels from our experiences, may all our hearts be filled with gratitude for getting to be part of such a powerful set of experiences in time and space. Although our annual family reunion has come to a close, our community has undeniable bonds that will inevitably take on new forms and expressions.”

The festival was held at the same location outside Driftpile where the North Country Fair is held. NCF is organized by the Lesser Slave Lake North Country Community Association, which owns the land.

Association president Colin Ross says he was the person who the Astral group originally approached when they were looking for a festival location.

“In the beginning LSLNCCA gave free rent and other help to enable Astral to get started. It was a symbiotic arrangement that enabled both Astral and NCF get better deals on everything from quads to generators,” Ross says.

“Festivals are very expensive endeavours with no guarantee of financial success.

“There was an immense amount of energy and creativity expended by the organizers and volunteers that came together to create a truly wonderful festival experience. Astral will be sorely missed,” he says.

Hundreds of festival goers have taken to Facebook to mourn the loss of the festival and share their memories.

“I’ve always had such a great time attending and performing at Astral,” says Stickybuds, a well-known DJ with over 50,000 followers.

“Astral Harvest was a yearly reunion with my chosen family, who witnessed/nurtured my growth each year from cub to lion. I’m so incredibly grateful for the gifts of growth, connection, co-creation and community I received from Astral Harvest over the eight years I attended,” writes Edmonton flow and fire artist Daniel Musashi.

“Happy I got to join this many years. Saddened there won’t be another but I’ll always have the great memories,” adds Steve Johnson.

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