Anglican Church suspends services

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

The Anglican Church is reluctantly suspending all regular services for the foreseeable future, Bishop David Greenwood of the Diocese of Athabasca, announced March 18.

“I think that many felt this might be coming, for the safety of congregation members, priests, etc.,” writes High Prairie St. Mark’s Anglican Church Bishops Warden Peter Clarke in an e-mail March 18.

“The decision of the Bishop is effective immediately.”

However, the church is trying to see if there are other ways to continue services and/or activities.

“I spoke with him about the possibility of a diocesan-wide video streaming of the Sunday Service, possibly from the Cathedral in a closed situation,” says Clarke.

“The Bishop was encouraged by the idea and is looking into how that could happen for this Sunday.”

The Church is also encouraged people at the local level to engage via video or audio means for things like prayer groups, Bible studies, etc.

“We are also talking about the idea of helping people that are shut-in with things like doing their shopping. Bishop David would like to have the volunteers provided with some kind of diocesan identity, to ensure that people are reassured by any stranger offering to help them. I am working with him on that.

“The use of social media with things like Facebook, WhatsApp Groups, Zoom, Skype, Lifestream, etc. will give us some ability to be of help,” adds Clarke.

“What is important is that we get word out quickly about these changes and that we keep in touch as much as practical to ensure everyone is aware of what we are doing, and nobody feels left out,” he concludes.

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