Aging chlorine systems need upgrade

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Aging chlorine water systems in Big Lakes County are posing a major risk.

At its regular meeting April 13, county council approved a recommendation to replace chorine water systems in water treatment plants in Grouard, Joussard and Faust with a sodium hypochlorite system. The estimated cost in total is $60,000.

“With this being a safety issue, the county has no other option to ensure the safety of our operators,” says Ted Laszczak, director of utilities and safety.

“Administration needs to improve safety conditions in our water plants and replace old and dangerous water chlorination system.”

While all three will be upgraded, just one plant was urgently affected.

“We encountered a leak in Grouard,” CAO Bill Kostiw says.
“We need to do Grouard immediately.”

Kostiw notes most of the county’s other water plants already have a sodium hypochlorite system.

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