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Adam Brulotte brings over 10 years of teaching experience to his music lessons. Above, he poses after a performance at Pleasantview Lodge.

Brulotte bringing music lessons to schools next fall

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

It’s such a good idea it’s a wonder no one thought of it sooner.

Adam Brulotte, 38, is offering private music lessons and instruction during school hours next year at St. Andrew’s School and High Prairie Elementary School.

Brulotte comes well qualified to teach, with a background in music [majoring in piano] and education at the University of Saskatchewan. He has also earned his Teachers Number through the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto.

“I teach mainly piano but I also teach other instruments: organ, guitar, clarinet – any of the band instruments,” says Brulotte.

He has worked with the schools and their respective school boards to offer private lessons during the day starting in September.

“They are in full support,” says Brulottte, adding each is “really supportive” of any program that benefits students because music has been proven to enhance the side of the brain that uses math.

“The public school board said I could go to any school in [HPSD] as long as it’s OKed by the principal,” he adds.

The biggest benefit to parents is convenience. They will no longer have to transport their children to lessons after school hours.

And Brulotte is available to adjust schedules to best fit students’ needs.

Brulotte can teach music beginning at any level. He can also teach several aspects of music including theory, history, harmony, counterpoint, and analysis.

A piano is available at HPE but a keyboard will be used at St. Andrew’s. Other music instruments must be provided by the student.

Lessons begin at 30 minutes and can go longer, if deemed necessary.

Brulotte is also available to offers lessons in the evening.

Please call Brulotte for more inquiries at [1-306] 341-3775, or email brulotte_a@hotmail.com. Fees and available times are available upon request.

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