Zirkas shine at annual Zabava celebration

Caught in the act! The ladies made perogies in the High Prairie Perogy Bee dance, only to have the men eat them all! Afterwards, they napped. The boys, left-right, are Logan Bruder and Joshua Strebchuk. The girls, left-right, are Wynter Chalifoux, Rebekah Strebchuk, Isabelle Roy and Gillian Blackhurst.

It was indeed a show to remember! The High Prairie Zirka Dancers wowed the jam-packed audience at the annual Zabava celebration March 11 at the Edmo Peyre Hall at the rodeo grounds. The Zirkas operate under the umbrella of the Ukrainian Cultural Society of High Prairie. Instructors are Ken Kachmar and Danielle Marx. Marx is a former accomplished dancer with the club. Other senior Zirkas help instruct the younger students. Kachmar instructs the junior, intermediate and senior dancers; Marx the pre-K, beginner, novice, soloist and trio dancers; while Hope Keshen and Jordan Elko are dance assistants. The club begins practice in September and dances each week. The Zirkas attended the Athabasca Dance Festival last weekend [March 18] and have a final public performance in High Prairie on March 31 at 6 p.m. at the Gordon Buchan Recreation Centre. This year’s Zabava celebration also included a special presentation to Honourary Baba Elsie Duchesneau for her decades of tireless work and dedication to the society.

Hgh Prairie Zirka dancer Kadin Kit shows his athletic ability while dancing the Hopak. Kit is a senior dancer in the group. Hopak, the dance chosen to end the performance, is the native dance of the Ukraine.
Senior Zirka Jared Gomes shows he is all business during the Horianka dance. After a hard day’s work, Ukrainians relaxed by dancing.
Intermediete Zirka Kirsten Bruder spins during the Tropak dance. Earlier in the show, she performed a solo called the Wreath Dance.
Junior Zirka dancer Callista Gomes reaches for the stars during the Transcarpathian Rhythm dance. Behind Gomes is Gracie Foster.
Ta da! Intermediate Zirka dancer Brody Kit poses during the closing seconds of the Tropak dance. Twelve dances occurred during the performance.
Showing off those muscles or are you too tired? Beginner Zirka Faith Bruneau performs in Winter Woodcutters.
Roll that dough to make the perfect perogy! Left-right are Novice Zirka dancers Gillian Blackhurst and Wynter Chalifoux.
Pre-K Zirka dancer Saydee Noskiye was one of several spring chicks in a dance bearing the same name. Spring has arrived!
Senior Zirka dancers perform Horianka. The boys in front, left-right, are Kadin Kit, Jared Gomes and Deklan Kit. The girls, left-right, are Jordan Elko, Makayla Jahnert, Hope Keshen and Emily Norgaard.
The grace, beauty and colour of Ukrainian dance is very evident in the photo. Left-right are Junior Zirka dancers Elizabeth Romick and Amellia Vanderwell dancing Transcarpathian Rhythms.
Round and round we go! Novice Zirka dancer Joshua Strebchuk performs in the High Prairie Perogy Bee.
A woman’s work is never done! Beginner Zirka Faith Bruneau performs in Winter Woodcutters.
Novice Zirkas dance the Poltavian Polka. Left-right are Brody Kit and Kirsten Bruder.
Beginner Zirka Dag Sware swings a mean ax! He was part of the Winter Woodcutters dance.
Time and precision is everything in all dance including Ukrainian dance! Left-right are Senior Zirka dancers Emily Norgaard and Hope Keshen. They are performing a Horianka.

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