Woman learns her lesson

Boyko sentenced for her role in high-speed chase

Richard Froese
South Peace News

A woman partly responsible for dangerous driving in a high-speed chase was sentenced to nine months behind bars.

Btittany Eva Boyko, 29, of Blackfalds, AB was sentenced to 270 days in jail when she appeared in High Prairie provincial court April 1.

She pleaded guilty to dangerous driving, failing to stop for police, theft of a motor vehicle, two counts of possession of a controlled substance, failing to comply with probation and breaching conditions.

Boyko was given credit for time served. She was remanded since Aug. 15, 2018.

Court heard Boyko and a male were involved in high-speed vehicle chases in the Kinuso area Aug. 14-15 led by Faust RCMP, Crown prosecutor Serge Eta-Ndu said.

“She was a party to dangerous driving, the second day,” Judge D.R. Shynkar noted.

Boyko stole a truck from Kinuso on Aug. 15. She drove for about 10 minutes before the male took over the driving on Highway 2 eastbound.

Earlier, the male was driving a stolen Toyota Celica on Aug. 14 in the first high-speed chase.

“She was surprised when he stepped on the gas at 200 km/h,” said her lawyer, Harry Jong.

“She didn’t approve of what he did.”

The vehicle was travelling at a high rate of speed, the Crown agreed.

“It almost hit another vehicle head-on near the turnoff to Spruce Point Park,” Eta-Ndu said.

When police stopped the couple, the scene became intense.

“Police pulled out their guns,” Jong said.

Officers also found 14 grams of methamphetamine and 1.25 grams of cocaine.

To worsen the matter, Boyko was on probation at the time, not allowed to have contact with the male.

Boyko admitted her actions.

“I did take that truck,” she said while appearing on CCTV from the Fort Saskatchewan Correctional Centre.

“I’m going to take responsibility for that.

“I was in the truck; that makes me a party to the crime.

“I’m remorseful for it.”

Boyko is ready to turn her life around, Jong told court.

“She says she’s learned her lesson,” he says.

Boyko told court she wants to move back to Ontario where her family lives.

A 28-year-old Valley- view man was also charged in the incident, states an RCMP news release last August.

The suspects also forced police vehicles off the road.

RCMP from High Prairie, Slave Lake and Westlock and Lakeshore Regional Police in Driftpile assisted in the incidents.

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