Water upgrade at Joussard begins soon

Richard Froese
South Peace News

More drinking water will be flowing into Joussard in the coming months.

Work to upgrade the Joussard water treatment plant and reservoir will start soon after a contractor was confirmed.

At its regular meeting June 13, Big Lakes County council awarded a contract for the work to Chandos Construction in the amount of $10,355,061.95. It was the lowest of three tenders received.

Council further increased the project budget to $11,678,491.01 from $9,779,138, which includes construction, engineering and a five per cent contingency.

“Tenders were higher than expected and they were all very close,” CAO Roy Brideau says.

The additional $1,899,356.01 was allocated from the sewer system upgrading reserve to proceed with the project.

“This allows construction to proceed, which will aid in solving the availability of water in Joussard during day peak demands,” consulting engineer Trent McLaughlin wrote in a report to council.

Big Lakes received federal government funding for the project. The Clean Water Wastewater Fund is a fixed grant based on 50 per cent of the construction costs of the concrete reservoir.

Funding has also been granted from the Alberta Municipal Water Wastewater Partnership.


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