Warning! Fraudsters target HP residents

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

Be careful who you talk to.

It’s the message being given to High Prairie residents after reports that fraudsters are targeting unsuspecting local homeowners.

A joint news release issued by CAO Brian Martinson and treasurer Terri Wiebe urges caution.

“This week the town office received a call from someone stating their parents, who are town ratepayer seniors, had been contacted by a person claiming to work for the town,” writes Wiebe.

“[They were] told that the Town of High Prairie was taking possession of their house due to unpaid property taxes.”

The claim is false.

“While the town does have that option when taxes are past due for multiple years, the property owner will usually have multiple phone calls and/or mail from us regarding the past due status long before the matter gets to that point,” writes Wiebe.

To make matters worse, in this particular situation, the ratepayer actually had a zero balance on their account.

“Right away we knew that no one from our offices would have contacted them,” writes Wiebe.

“We believe that this is a new fraud tactic used by unscrupulous people to get money from naïve and/or vulnerable people like our seniors.”

Town administration offers some tips.

“If you get a call like this, get as much detail from them as possible. Then contact the RCMP with that information. Nothing can be done until at least one or more people report these fraudsters.”

The High Prairie RCMP detachment number is [780] 523-3370.


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