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Elly Belesky

Allyson Potvin
Allyson Potvin
Elly Belesky
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This is Allyson Potvin and Elly Belesky with this week’s South Peace News report from High Prairie Elementary School.

Grade 3J is going batty. Students are reading A Boy Named Bat, learning about echolocation, and drawing bats in Art.

Grade 5P students are perfecting their volleyball skills in P.E. They’re quite the hard-working bunch!

Do you like music? Do you like to sing? The HPE Choir is open to all students Grades 3-6. Choir will take place in the Fine Arts room every Monday and Friday from 12:35-12:55 starting Oct. 29. Students who sign up are expected to show up every scheduled day on time and follow instructions. Then the fun begins!

Parents are welcome to come to the school on Oct. 31 during lunch break [12:35 p.m.] to help their students dress for the Halloween costume parade during the assembly. Please note that due to the nutrition policy in place we will not be giving out candy or snacks. Parents are welcome to bring a healthy treat such as a fruit platter to share – but please! – no sugary treats.

While our monthly lunch program is a way to give parents a break from making lunch and a treat for students, it is also an important part of the fundraising that the HPE School Council does throughout the year. We have had many parents ask that hot lunch be provided more than once per month. We are going to try twice in October and see what our response is. Lunch will be supplied by Boondocks. Please note the deadlines for ordering and we thank you for your support.

Grade 3Z students are learning about their “Fantastic, Elastic” brains and how important it is to have a growth mindset. They are enjoying practicing and refining their Math skills using IXL and Prodigy.

Grade 5C had so much fun visiting with England last week. They are setting the date for a spring breakfast meeting. We’ll let you know when the time is closer. Right now, 5C students are organizing their Halloween surprise!

Have a great week and check in with us next week!

A few of our fine-feathered friends are perched on the walls at High Prairie Elementary School. Kindergarten students in Jeannie Romick’s class made the decorative turkeys in time for Thanksgiving.


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