Valedictorian says past shapes graduates into today

Daniel Kosak,

Today is a day of momentous occasion, for today is a day were we, the students, become more than that.

We, through graduating from St. Andrew’s School finally move away from being labeled students to being members of society.

With this comes a myriad of feelings ranging from excitement and relief to dread and uncertainty which is only natural in this time of change.

Through these feelings I find myself, along with my fellow students, in a state of introspection.

Where we are not just looking back on our past, but our possible future.

Some of us, including myself, have gone to St. Andrews our entire lives, from being “Baird’s Brats” to writing our diplomas and other tests in the library with various adventures in between.

Through this time we experienced a lot, we along with learning writing techniques, and the sciences, learned how we should act.

We, through this time, had parents and guardians who cared for us through both good times and bad, had teachers and other workers in the school who through caring about how we succeeded in our school work and how we were that day showed how they cared for us, and forged friendships that have lasted the test of time and will hopefully do so for many years to come.

With this said, there is only one thing left to say, “thank you”.

Our past is what makes us who we are today, through attending this school we learned so much in and out of the classroom that I hope that when we look back on these days we look back on them with pleasant thoughts.

Along with looking at out past today we may find ourselves looking at what the future may hold.

Some of us may try to get into or will be going into post secondary education, some of us will try to get into the trades while of some of us will stay in town to work or upgrade or both.

These are all valid options, for they push us closer to who we want to be.

As we move on from being students we, through our education at St. Andrew’s, are now able to move on and pursue our passions and what we love whatever that may be.

If we use this new found freedom that comes with graduation correctly, we can then push our future in the right direction which will in turn lead to us having a brighter future.

As stated above, today is a momentous day as we celebrate our graduation.

We will take today to celebrate but we will also take this day to look back into our past hopefully with good thoughts and look forward into our future with hopefully enthusiasm.

Now seeing as I have taken up enough of your time, I will conclude with this final statement.

We are the graduating class of 2018, we are Saints, and no matter what we do, we will let our light shine.


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