Updated list of East Prairie candidates

Editor’s note: South Peace News was provided with an updated list of candidates for the East Prairie Metis Settlement election Oct. 16. Below is the updated list:

East Prairie Metis Settlement

[Chair elected from within council]
[5 to be elected]

1. Shelly Auger

2. Ronald Bellerose

3. Marcel Desjarlais

4. Colette Duh

5. Charles Haggerty

6. Louis Haggerty

7. Karen L’Hirondelle

8. Muriel L’Hirondelle

9. Wade L’Hirondelle

10. Peter Patenaude

11. Victor Prinz

12. Brian Supernault

13. Harry Supernault

14. Merle Supernault

15. Raymond Supernault

16. Lisa Marie Wilton

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