PICs – Traditional Games held at Atikameg

Ready. . .aim. . .fire! Grade 9 student Afeni Laboucan, takes aim in the archery competition.

Traditional Games were held at Atikameg in Whitefish Lake First Nation on May 24. Games were hosted by the Kee Tas Kee Now Education Authority. Students from Grades 8-12 from Whitefish, Cadotte Lake, Loon River and Peerless Lake First Nations participated in a variety of events including moose calling, arm wrestling, leg wrestling, moss kick ball, archery, tug of war, archery, scream and run, kick ball and triathlon. “We want to make the Games an annual event,” says sports co-ordinator Deen Flett. “The purpose of the Games is to create awareness and keep our culture, values, and games important to our youth and promote a way of life without drugs and alcohol. It’s also a good way for communities to challenge each other and remain engage.” Next year, Flett plans to schedule the Games at Loon River. Whitefish finished with the top overall points.

Grade 8 student Averie Thunder, left, kicks it up a notch with her attempt in kick ball. Grade 7 student Rhiannon Gray, looks on.
Whitefish youth have the great pull in the tug-of-war. Left-right, are Carly McGilvery, Lindon Tallman, Destiny Letendre, Kayleen Tallman, Logan Tallman and Stan Gladue. Cheering on in the back are Keshon McLeod, Justin Giroux and teacher Herbert Chinake.


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