Time ‘not right’ to pursue Integrated College Campus

NLC, HPSD ‘made their own mess’, says Long

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

There are no plans to attempt to rekindle the Integrated Northern Lakes College Campus project, at least as far as High Prairie town council is concerned.
“I don’t think so, not at this point,” said Mayor Brian Panasiuk July 24, while council was deciding which ministers to meet in Edmonton at a conference in late September.
“That’s not going to happen right away and the schools aren’t pushing that.
“The time isn’t right,” concluded Panasiuk, who works for NLC.
His stand coincides with his employer. NLC board chair Dan Vandermeulen is on record saying NLC will not pursue the Integrated Campus Project and risk losing funding for their new campus, which was already approved.
Councillor Michael Long was even more to the point and placed blame on the education governors.
“The two entities [NLC and High Prairie School Division] have made their own bed and made their own mess.”
And a third party, Long added, Holy Family Catholic Regional School Division, could also be included.
Long added there was no use getting involved in reviving the project at the current time.


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One thought on “Time ‘not right’ to pursue Integrated College Campus

  1. The largest obstacle in the way of NLC Integrated Campus project was Vandermeulen’s ego. All the other players are elected so you can decide to vote or not vote for them, Vandermeulen is appointed and thus, untouchable and unaccountable.


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