This is as bad as it gets

The decision reached in High Prairie provincial court Dec. 18 in the arson case of Christopher Trindle has to go down as one the stupidest, bone-headed, ludicrous, ignorant, disrespectful decisions in a long time.

Not to mention arrogant, pathetic, dumb, and a thumbing of every shred of common sense in the hallowed halls of justice.

What a joke except few people are laughing, except maybe Trindle and his attorney. Both pulled the wool over the Crown and judge’s eyes on this one. They didn’t just use a sweater, they used an entire sheep!

Where, Judge G.W. Paul, is the respect for the victims? Has your court system become so disrespectful and so laissez faire in its decision making there is no concern whatsoever for the victims of crime?

Trindle burns two buildings Aug. 15, 2017 causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages. The victims, however, do not get a sniff of restitution.

“Restitution is virtually non-existent,” Judge Paul said.

It reminds me of another farce in court years ago. Boyd Gibb can confirm this. A youth breaks into a High Prairie home, and damages a window at Gibb’s store. In court, the judge grants restitution to the homeowner but not Gibb.

Why, you ask? Because the homeowner was a fellow judge! What a buddy-buddy system this is!

Back to Trindle!

Judge Paul hears the following garbage in court and swallows it like a kid eating an ice cream cone.

“He [Trindle] agrees he set those fires,” Crown prosecutor Patricia Hankinson said.

“He acknowledges he takes responsibility for his actions,” his lawyer, Dallas Gelineau, added.

Judge Paul apparently forgot this was Trindle’s 18th appearance on the charges. Eighteen! Many of the previous times, Judge Paul presided over the delays.

We must ask Judge Paul a simple question: if Trindle agrees he set the fires, and accepts “full responsibility” for his actions, why did it take 18 court appearances to settle the matter?

Why did it take 16 months of dragging the victims through the anxiety of waiting for a decision, when Trindle admits he did the deed?

What a joke, Judge Paul, what a joke! Were you not listening?

As for restitution, Judge Paul decided Trindle couldn’t pay even the price of a damn stamp so the victims – John Middelkoop and Jennifer Woodcock – could send their insurance company a letter. More disrespect.

The months and months of dealing with insurance agents and contractors mean nothing to our bleeding heart justice system and its judges, who feed off the carcasses of the unfortunate victims.

We must ask the question, why do victims in Canada have so few rights?

Believe it or not, we were lucky. Had the fire burned five to 10 minutes more before it was discovered, seven people [tenants] may have died, and a whole downtown block of town engulfed in flames.

“These are extremely grave circumstances,” Judge G.W. Paul said.

Oh my, you are so concerned, Judge Paul! But not “extremely” grave enough to keep this man behind bars.

“A sentence of 12 months, for many people, may seem inadequate,” Judge Paul said.

Gee whiz, you think? Ever think of asking Middelkoop or Woodcock what they have gone through?

“Inadequate” isn’t the word? Disgusting, immoral and pathetic are words the public is more likely to use to describe this total disgrace to justice.

What a joke!

I pray that Judge Paul never has to experience what Middelkoop or Woodcock has suffered through.

Meanwhile, the only thing missing from court Dec. 18 was Judge Paul giving Trindle a kiss on the cheek for good luck and a lollipop.

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2 thoughts on “This is as bad as it gets

  1. I just want people to know there are always to sides to every story. Judge Paul is a very fair and honest man who follows the law!!! He does not make these decisions from what he thinks or feels, he follows the law! If your angry people call your MLA and ask them to change the laws, these decisions are made after the Judge hears from both sides (crown and defence) he then used what he hears and what the law allows he to do! I am angry that this is painting a man who is very ethical and has integrity in such a bad light! Please do not blame someone who follows the law!! Ask for the laws to be changed to allow our Judges to sentence harder!!

    Adding to this South Peace News (Chris Clegg) you sit in the courtroom for years and know very well how the law allows Judges to make their decisions I am shocked that you would not expand your article to tell people reading this how the law works


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