The Page – November 8, 2017 had a chuckle last week as they used a Halloween theme talking about fuel prices.

Says Gasbuddy, “Here are some of the scariest we’ve seen lately. You might not want to ‘trick-or-treat’ at the stations where you see these prices.”

For those of you who said, “Whoa!” last week when you saw High Prairie prices jump to $1.24 a litre, Gasbuddy said the same thing. “Whoa!”

That was over California prices, which got a special bump because of a new tax on fuel the State of California brought in on Nov. 1.

California prices, according to Gasbuddy, are now, in adjusted for the dollar and litre, at $1.64 per litre.

Whoa” indeed!

Here is a roundup of highs and lows across Alberta as of Friday last week:

Alberta gas prices

[in cents per litre]

Town         Price

Mayerthorpe 96.9

Innisfail 101.9

Edmonton 105.0

Grande Prairie 105.9

Peace River 110.9

Slave Lake 122.9

High Prairie 124.9

Calgary 127.9

Fort McMurray 127.9

St. Albert 128.9

High Level 130.9

* * * * * * * * *

Winter is here!

We’re always telling readers, if you want to make it through Canadian winters, don’t fight it! Embrace it!

And the first place to “warm up” to winter is – dress for it.

This means warm headgear. Serious parkas. Boots made for walking on ice and through snow, not for showing off dainty feet. Mitts, not gloves. Scarves. And maybe even thermal packs.

Sure, you can put on a nice car coat and some good looking leather gloves. But it never hurts to have a backup set of duds in the back seat or trunk, just in case.

Here is something interesting. A website called ratemytreads .com could only find a few winter boots worth giving one, that is one, snowflake in their rankings of slip-resistant boots this year. Keep in mind, these are not specifically boots that are supposed to be warm, but boots that are mostly made to not slip and slide on ice.

Maybe the best thing is get the add-on spike thingies for a nice pair of warm boots, and forget about ice proof shoes.

* * * * * * * * *

Local political folks are already talking about getting a candidate for the UCP, the United Conservative Party.

Keep in mind, Darryl Boisson was the Lesser Slave Lake Wild Rose candidate against NDP Danielle Larivee in the last provincial election. Pearl Calahasen was the Conservatve contender.

Basically, both of those parties are “dead.” So, both Boisson and Calahasen [who just might decide to take a run at it] or any other possibility now have to take the UCP nomination to represent the “new” party. One can assume Larivee will be running again.

An election is still about 18 months away, but a candidate for UCP, plus Liberal or Alberta Party, have to be in place well before that time. Gentlemen and gentle ladies, start your engines.

* * * * * * * * *

They are back!

The High Prairie Regals play their home opener Tuesday, Nov. 7 against the Falher Pirates. Some of you may be getting your paper Tuesday so come out to the game!

The team is back after one-year and looks pretty good. Do not take our word for it, go to the game and see for yourself.

You can also join the executive and help if you want to be involved.

Go, Regals, go!

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