The Page – June 13, 2018

Hey, old guys and gals!
There are stories going around the so-called retirement age should be raised from its present level of age 65. Some of these stories are “fake news.” Some of the stories actually make sense.
Many have to do with the idea that Old Age Security, which we all pay into when we work, won’t have enough money in the future to pay future oldtimers hoping to use that money to help pay the bills in retirement.
If you think this is a long, long ways away from you, think about a couple of things:
First, to pay for people retiring and cover the shortfall, that means you yourself in the very near future will see more money taken out of your paycheque, no matter how old you are.
Second, if old people aren’t going to get enough government money in some form or another, bills have to be paid from somewhere. So any money you might be counting on for inheritance very likely could go to help mom and dad pay their bills in their old age.
That’s right. Less for you no matter how you look at it!
So the answer everybody keeps coming up with is, make the old folks work longer! Sounds kind of mean, doesn’t it?
Poor grandma and grandpa, barely able to even get to work, and here are the rest of us making them slave away. Oh my goodness. Whatever happened to Freedom 55?
This is especially bad since people on average are living longer than ever. Which means people working will have to pay even more for those increased years of retirement.
The only good news here is more and more of the old folks won’t be in the hospital or nursing home for all that time.
Anyway, as we said, the big news is raising the retirement age. The big number talked about these days is not just to raise the age to 67 or 68 from 65. It’s all the way to 73! Holy moly!
Ah, well. There are a lot of us who think it’s better to work at a job anyway, even if the work is part time. Putzing in the garden or playing video games all day might sound like heaven to somebody 20 years old when they think about retirement. For those on the edge of retirement, not so pleasant at all.

* * * * * * * * *

It is entirely possible there are areas around our part of the country that have tent caterpillars. But we just haven’t seen them!
But, your correspondent did notice intermittent swaths of bare trees along Highway 43 in the Alberta Beach – Gunn area last week.
Other news reports say parts of Ontario are quite hard hit by the little beasties. One report said it was a 10-year cycle, but nobody really knows why. They just think the caterpillars die off because of predators like some of the birds that fancy them for lunch, and also because of disease and parasites.
We anxiously await the young student who will grow up, study in school, become a scientist, and make it their life work to research this.
Or perhaps, they will prefer to cure cancer. Decisions, decisions, eh?
Meanwhile, what did you do in school?

* * * * * * * * *

For everybody who loves Facebook, you have of course heard the news FB wants you to send them nude pictures of yourself. This is serious news. Really!
The idea is, FB has developed some kind of digital scanning program that will scan the photo, and “watermark” it with a secret identity code. Then, if the picture somehow appears someplace on the Internet it is not supposed to, FB will alert you.
So for example, you and your girlfriend snap naughty or party pics of each other. Then your bestie decides he or she does not like you any more. Then, in a fit of anger known as “revenge porn”, mails the pics to Kijiji or your favourite online place to be posted.
Ah ha! Facebook nabs the troublemaker! Or at least, sends you a note what happened.
OK folks, is this fake news or not? If it’s real news, one can only ask, “What could go wrong?”
Or perhaps, “Really? What were they thinking?”

* * * * * * * * *

The nice thing about house prices going up is, you get to live in a more expensive neighbourhood without having to move.


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