The Page – July 11, 2018

Canada Day festivities are now a memory. Hopefully, you have many pictures and stories. If not, shame on you!
Rain was the order of the weekend. Many outdoor events were moved inside or just plain cancelled. Oh, well! Time for organizers and parents to invest in tents and umbrellas and heater stuff maybe, or make a better Plan B.
Your correspondent was in Joussard for the big parade. Well, maybe not that big, but the youngsters and adults all enjoyed it. The Joussard Fire Department got everybody excited by driving around in the drizzle with the sirens going, calling all kiddies and the young at heart. Pictures are in this week’s paper with more online at our website at
Later in the evening on Canada Day, the fire department set off a huge pile of fireworks in a bang-up show that brought lots of people out.
All in all, Happy Canada Day! Again!

* * * * * * *

The economy must be coming back. We say that because, holy moley, sure lots of people are setting off their own firework shows.
Not just on Canada Day, but on just about any other day that seems like a good idea. Like a birthday. Or an anniversary. Or by gosh we didn’t burn the steaks and hotdogs day.
Yup. Any excuse at all. Fun times for sure.

* * * * * * *

It’s only three weeks to High Prairie’s big bust out of the year, the Elks Professional Rodeo.
That means of course, the big parade in High Prairie. Start making plans now for your bikes, quads, floats, cars and trucks and just about anything that can walk, drive, or be towed. Even more fun times are on the way!

* * * * * * *

You ever get that, “What the heck is this crap?” feeling?
You know, when you push a button, or turn a knob, and something totally different than what you thought would happen, well, happens.
A perfect example happened June 30, when Phil Troyer fired off his bear can spray into the face of an attacking grizzly bear near Grande Cache.
Phil and another person were training for the Canadian Death Race. They were jogging along the race trail when they came between a grizzly mom and her two cubs. Bad, bad situation!
Phil pulled out his bear spray, aimed at the bear straight in the face, and got the second surprise of his life [The first actually seeing the bear!] when he pushed the button. Instead of a burst of pepper spray streaming out in a high-powered drizzle, like Raid wasp spray does, he got a fine spray of mist.
Fortunately, by the time he was able to trigger the spray, the bear was less than a metre away so the spray worked. A second, smaller surprise was when the spray ran out after less than 10 seconds.
Phil will now be packing two cans, and probably looking for something that doesn’t need to be so close one can see berry stains on the bear’s teeth.
A full story on this encounter is on the CBC news website at


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