The Page – December 5, 2018

Here’s a Tip of The Page Hat to all the volunteers who worked hard putting together High Prairie’s Christmas Light-Up.
We’re all very proud of what our community can do. The Light-Up itself has made an impact right across Alberta. Other communities near and far now do their own Light-Up. Trees. Lights. Hot chocolate. Visiting with neighbours and friends. Good for them.
For a town the size of High Prairie, the local display punches way above the community population. Towns, and even cities like Spruce Grove. We thank the High Prairie Community Beautification Association and the volunteers.
Also, another Tip of The Page Hat to all the country folk around on farms, First Nations, Metis Settlements, and hamlets, who are all in the Christmas spirit with their own lights.

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There was a missed mention in the story last week about the Community Christmas Greeting Cards going up beside the Anglican Church – Second Wind store in High Prairie.
Price for putting your family, personal or business name on the big display includes putting your name online at and
South Peace News does not charge anything for this, so the teeny-weeny $10 charge all goes to Beautification.
If you want to see what your card will look like online, check either or for a looksee. The cards will be online and on the big board until about mid-January.
Call Chris, Cori or Mary at [780] 523-4484, or e-mail for more details, or to list on the board and online.

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You can figure this item out for yourself:
So Pat Rehn, a fellow from Wabasca and Slave Lake, who also owns land in the High Prairie area, is the new United Conservative Party nominee. That means he will be running against present MLA for Lesser Slave Lake, Danielle Larivee.
Rehn beat out a candidate from High Prairie, John Middlekkoop, a candidate from Loon River, Juliette Noskey, and another candidate from Slave Lake, Brenda Derkoch.
Under the way the UCP runs its nomination process, if there was a close vote, there would be a run-off between the top two candidates. It wasn’t a close vote. Numbers are not released.
Maybe it means Middlekoop and Noskey split the west-end vote between themselves. Or maybe there wasn’t all that much interest from the west end to even bother to vote.
In fact, only 40 per cent of all party members voted.
So does this mean much for Larivee? As in, Slave Lakers and those north and south of Slave are all heading in the UCP direction? High Prairie and points north and east will be sticking with the NDP and voting Larivee? Now you see why we are letting you figure it out.
As far as we’re concerned, the big thing anywhere in Alberta standing against the New Democrats is the carbon tax. The way Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has messed up pipelines, and now with Rachel Notley’s railcar proposal, the NDP should along the way toss the tax in the dumpster.

* * * * * * *

Moving away from politics, but still on the topic of dumpsters, it’s our understanding Clayton Stewart of High Prairie pulled out of the garbage contract with the Town of High Prairie with one of the issues being freeloaders using dumpsters around town to rid themselves of trash.
They are just too cheap to pay for one themselves!
So, sneaking around in the middle of the night, and sometimes right in broad daylight, they prowl. Sometimes pretending to be looking for treasures, sometimes actually looking. But always with a load of trash ready to toss. As is said many, many times, “All it takes is one or two bad apples to ruin it for everybody.”
We absolutely agree.
And, if you are ever caught dumping your trash in ditches or the Jackpines . . .

Above is a sample of a Community Christmas greeting. You can purchase one for only $10.


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