The Page – April 12, 2017

Charlie Miller! Oh, no! It’s Charlie Millen! Charlie Millen, folks! Oh wait, Charlie Miller!
Well, it took a few tries, but they finally got the name right as Charlie donated his 50-50 prize winnings back to the hospital at the gala last week. Somewhere over $1,000.
Well done, Charlie! And for the record, it’s Charlie Milner.
All together now. Char-lie! Char-lie! Char-lie!

* * * * * * *, our newspaper website, by Sunday had hit over 4,000 page views on the Ginger Petersen firing story at the High Prairie Regional Aquatic Centre. There is no doubt that all people in the High Prairie area are very, very interested in what is going on at the pool.
If you are one of the 39 folks who haven’t heard the story, Ginger was the manager at the indoor pool. Ginger and her husband Seth, turned in an award winning year recognized by the Red Cross. They financially improved pool operations. Ginger is a completely qualified manager and turns in a constant stream of suggestions how to improve safety and operations at the pool. Everybody, including staff and customers, seem happy with their work the past three years.
So they got fired by the High Prairie and District Regional Recreation Board!
The Page says this is already a hot discussion item with the four politicians who run the rec board. That would be David Marx and Don Charrois from Big Lakes County and Arlen Quartly and Debbie Rose from the Town of High Prairie.
The Page also predicts this will hit the agenda for upcoming council meetings of both local governments.
The last time our region had somebody doing this good in recreation, putting in programs, making improvements, doing a great job, all of which meant financial improvements through money saved and money earned, she was gone, too. That was Paula Cowell.

* * * * * * *

Ah, warm breezes! Waking up and being greeted by a morning sun! Snow melting! Geese arriving! Water running! It must be spring, and almost summer!
And now O’s Ice Cream opens its doors.
Tina Ostermeier says they are actually a week late this year, usually opening around the end of March for the summer season. Oh well, just nice to see ye olde ice cream shoppe open so we can get our maple nut or bubble gum fixes.
Judging from the crowds turning out, many others feel the same way. Happy days!

* * * * * * *

Eyes are on Tolko as the forestry industry picks up speed. Will the High Prairie plant be opening next year?
If the performance of forestry stocks is any indicator, the answer is yes, but that’s just a semi-educated guess.
The Globe and Mail newspaper recently wound up the first quarter of 2017 with a round-up of eight companies they say show rapidly improving earnings outlooks and attractive valuation levels. Three of those eight are forestry companies: our own West Fraser Timber, Interfor Corp. and Canfor Corp.
Basically, good news all around.

* * * * * * *

A short work week this is, with Good Friday coming up and the Easter Weekend upon us. Enjoy!

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