Take a well-deserved bow, everyone!

After watching another High Prairie Royal Purple Elks Pro Rodeo Parade July 31, someone said to me, “That was a pretty good parade for a town our size.”

I could not disagree more.

Rather, it is a pretty good parade for a town of any size!

I believe this year’s parade may have been the biggest ever. More entries than ever! More horses, more floats, more sports teams! Excellent!

Hats off to the Elks for organizing such a great event!

Let’s recap the positives.

There was very strong representation from the First Nations and Metis communities and its agencies. It is this representation which interests me most.

While it is true that many residents on the settlements and reserves have “issues” with High Prairie, the parade proves to a large degree that High Prairie is their home, and they still are darn proud to call High Prairie home, and participate in its activities.

Besides, every community has its issues. As I wrote last week, High Prairie is no different than other communities.

The First Nations and Metis Settlements are proud of their culture, and the parade gives them an opportunity to showcase their culture. It is very pleasing to see so many take part in the parade.

Never let anyone tell you to not be proud of your culture regardless if you are First Nation, Metis, Filipino, Ukrainian, or otherwise.

I also noted all the sports teams that won provincial titles and/or league awards march along the route from the baseball Rebels, to the basketball Saints, to the hockey Legionnaires, to name only a few. Why not showcase your accomplishment? Yes, it’s OK to brag a bit! Good job!

I saw some entries this year from businesses and organizations that usually do not attend. One of them, the Enilda and District Society for Recreation and Culture, won first place in the General category. Well done! Hope to see you back!

Meanwhile, the music, singing and dancing certainly livens things up. Congratulations to everyone who did so.

I am not going to name some obvious omissions in the parade that I would expect to participate. Rather, let us focus on what we got to see and enjoy.

It is a lot of work to build a float. One just has to see each float and think for a minute to realize how much work is involved, plus expense. If you think you snap your fingers and it happens, think again. Try building a float from scratch and see for yourself.

What a parade! What a wonderful parade!

Take a bow, everyone!

And to think we haven’t even mentioned what a great event the rodeo is with its world class entertainment and midway. The best cowboys and cowgirls in the world compete in our backyard.

Hats off to the High Prairie Royal Purple Elks!


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