Sunset Guesthouse closes its doors

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

A quiet, cozy place where visitors could stay in peace and comfort and enjoy all the comforts of home is no longer available.

After 24 years and many happy guests, Sunset Cottage Guesthouse has closed its doors.

Burgel and Peter Mertens opened the guesthouse in 1994 about 17 km west of High Prairie after enlarging a small cabin she used to accommodate her own visitors. The three-bedroom guesthouse accommodated many people over the years from families to contract workers.

Visitors were welcome to book and take advantage of nightly, weekly and monthly rates. Everything was supplied from dishes to towels and bedding. Guests only had to look after their own food and meals.

Over the years, Sunset also opened its doors to visitors from as far away as Sweden and Germany.

Burgel Mertens enjoyed operating the guesthouse but regrets to announce she has to close due to health reasons.


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