Council’s Report – Streets to get upgrade this summer

Brian Panasiuk,
Town of High Prairie

South Peace News has made a generous offer to publish a free column to the mayor and town council. Council decided to use the column to communicate key motions made in council meetings so that citizens can see what issues the town is dealing with. I hope you enjoy the update from council.

Council approved changing the stop signs on the intersection of 51 Ave. and 44 St. from north and south to east and west. The peace officers have been receiving numerous complaints from local residents that sightlines are restricted when pulling into the intersection onto 51 Ave. so therefore proposed a change to make the intersection safer.

Council approved the tender for the street rehabilitation on 56 Ave. from 50 St. to the river and 52 Avenue between 48 Street and 49 Street for a total of $1,746,004.55 including engineering and extra work allowance to E-construction. These two projects were identified in the 10-year capital plan.

Council appointed Kelissa Getz, Bailey Locke, Avery Getz, Kathy Levesque, Riley Prevost and Sheila Kaus to be Municipal Weed Inspectors for 2018. Currently, Big Lakes County provides weed inspection services to the Town of High Prairie. Big Lakes County provides the names of inspectors for appointment by council. Once appointed, inspectors go through the town and record infestations. This information is then relayed to the public works manager.

Council approved the operating cost only in the conversion of the Gilwood Transfer site to a supervised site at a 50/50 cost-share with Big Lakes County in 2019. At the May 22, 2018 Intermunicipal Collaborative Framework Committee meeting, Dennis Zahacy presented the committee with information on the High Prairie Landfill/Gilwood Transfer and explained that the station is heavily used by county and town residents and is often used for more than household garbage. Recommendation was to improve the site to accommodate more than household garbage and to man the station.

Council gave second reading to Bylaw 07-2018 – Code of Conduct for the members of council Juen 26. Alberta Municipal Affairs introduced the new Modernized Municipal Government Act on Oct. 26, 2017. One of the requirements of the MMGA s.146 – s. 153 states that each municipality in Alberta must have a Code of Conduct for Elected Officials in place by July 23, 2018.

Council gave first reading to Bylaw 14-2018 – Fire Protection Bylaw June 26. Bylaw – 11-2016 was amalgamated with the Fire Protection Bylaw and a penalty was added for “lighting any fire during a Restrictive Fire Ban.”

Council awarded the new Web design project to All – Net Municipal Solutions in the amount of $4,995. The Town website is in need of a redesign to communicate and to improve usability for our residents and visitors to the area. Council has requested that Administration send out a Request for Proposal to have the Town’s website redesigned. Administration had three responses provided to council for review.


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